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How Does it Work?

Open Badges Ecosystem

MyMantl empowers individuals to showcase their work samples, open badges, and skills evidence to consumers such as potential employers.

And MyMantl gives schools and businesses tools to design credential programs, and issue Open Badges to earners to recognize learning.

Build Your Own Badging Program

Institutions can do more than just create and issue badges. MyMantl’s innovative program builder offers organizations a way to construct a digital skills superstructure to support and frame degrees, diplomas, certificates and more.

Climb the Skills Ladder

A degree or a certificate is not just a transcript of courses and grades. It represents a collection of proven skills earned over time. MyMantl helps students communicate what they’ve learned and what they can do in a relevant way with verified credentials.

Relevant, Verified and Portable!

Badges and evidence build upon each other in a portfolio to tell the full story of your students’ accomplishments and provide a more complete picture of their abilities. MyMantl uses Open Badges, which means you can import other open badges earned elsewhere and display them in your portfolio. And you can even take your badges out of MyMantl, while still maintaining all that useful information stored inside.

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