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You are more than a resume.

It's hard to show somebody what you can do with a one or two page resume.
Your life is a complex web of connected experiences and skills.

How do you prove to a college or an employer what you can really do?

This is why we built MyMantl.

We're calling MyMantl a Learning Recognition Network.

Regardless of your age, education or job, MyMantl is a great place to show off your skills, earn badges, present your best work, and get that next job or school placement.

“Badges? What, like Boy Scouts?”

Boy Scout Badges


You learn new skills all the time, but often you don't have any way to represent them. What's missing is something that recognizes what you know and do and that others can easily review and trust.

Badges (also called micro-credentials) are bite-sized, portable, digital representations of a skill or set of skills that somebody has acquired.

Open Badges are a new open standard for recognizing and verifying learning.

Badge Anatomy

“But I can say I know how to do something on my resume or in LinkedIn. How is this better?”

Evidence! (And Other Information)

Badges aren't just pretty pictures. They can be connected to evidence that shows your ability to perform that skill, as well as who issued the badge, what the criteria were, and what goals and standards are linked to the badge. And all of it is digitally signed to verify its authenticity.

Badges Can Be Diverse

No longer limited to common official credentials, badges can build upon each other in a portfolio to tell the full story of your skills and learning.

Take Them Anywhere

MyMantl uses Open Badges, which means you can import other open badges earned elsewhere and display them in your portfolio. And you can even take your badges out of MyMantl, while still maintaining all that useful information stored inside.

Lifelong Learning and ePortfolios

We know electronic portfolios work. We've been doing it for 20 years. But we also know that electronic portfolios have failed to live up to their potential. They're only available to a subset of the population and are trapped behind institutional walls.

Let's fix that.

You get an ePortfolio! And you get an ePortfolio! And you get an ePortfolio!

Every user—free, paid, student, teacher, employee, boss, doesn't matter—gets a portfolio to track their work samples, skills, badges and endorsements.

Your portfolio collections are how the world will view your skills and work.

Hey, check out my fabulous project!

Social Skills

Share your work and show off your skills. Make yourself discoverable.

Yes, I can definitely show you some recommendations.

Powerful Endorsements

Don't just say they can do it. Provide evidence. And viewers can see how relevant an endorser's skills are to what they're endorsing.

endorsement ui
Yes, our organization is now issuing badges as part of our programs.

Tools for Organizations

Want to start issuing badges? Design a competency program? Integrate badges into your current workflow?

We've got you covered.

API Solutions & Single Sign-On

API representation

While you can always issue badges directly within MyMantl, it will also launch with an external API to issue badges from another system programatically. And we're in talks with IMS Global to get more universal interoperability standards in place for badge assertions.

Need users to be able to launch into MyMantl from your LMS or assessment platform?
No problem. MyMantl will support LTI for SSO.


  •   What's an electronic portfolio?

    An electronic portfolio (also known as an eportfolio or e-portfolio) is an electronic collection of evidence assembled and managed by you. It is usually hosted somewhere on the web. Evidence may include text, electronic files, images, multimedia, and other links. Portfolios are both a demonstration of the your abilities and a platform for self-expression.

  •   What if I've already earned badges elsewhere?

    No problem. If it's an Open Badge, you can import it into your badge collection. And if it isn't, you could still store it as a work sample.

  •   What if my email changes over time?

    You can earn badges under any number of email addresses. We want you to be able to keep the same central account no matter where you are in life.

  •   I want to start giving out badges, but the earners aren't MyMantl users yet. Can I still do that?

    Absolutely. Badge earners do not need to have an account first, nor do they have to make an account to claim the badge.

  •   Don't you already make a portfolio? Is this meant to replace it?

    Chalk & Wire's robust assessment platform serves a specific need and audience, whereas MyMantl is designed for a more universal application. We see it as a complementary product and have integration plans for our two products to leverage one another.

  •   So, how much?

    We're still working on that, but at a basic level, any user will be able to store and share work and badges for free. We want everybody to start using electronic portfolios, not just college students.

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